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Read the latest news about our work supporting whistleblowers and journalists who speak out against misconduct and human rights abuses worldwide.


Force social media firms to hand over data linked to child suicides, say charities – June 6, 2022, The Telegraph

EdTech Exposed, a The Signals Network media collaboration, May 2022:

Billy Perrigo on investigating Facebook’s ‘ethical’ outsourced content moderation in Kenya -May 25, 2022, Everything in Moderation

UNESCO: Journalism and whistleblowing: an important tool to protect human rights, fight corruption, and strengthen democracy – May 2022, UNESCO

Facebook parent Meta sued in Kenya – 5/10/2022, Cnet

The Signals Network signs letter to Big Tech heads to stop Russian disinformation – 3/4/2022, The Financial Times

Inside Facebook’s African Sweatshop – 2/14/2022, TIME

Opinion | Lanceurs d’alerte : le Sénat revient-il en arrière? – 1/16/2022, Les Echos

Meet the women bringing tech’s worst secrets out of the shadows – 1/12/2022, Protocol

Saving whistleblowers from the corporate bonfires – 06/25/2018, Monday Note

Une fondation veut faciliter les échanges entre médias et lanceurs d’alerte – 06/21/2018, Le Journal de Montreal

Une fondation pour faciliter les échanges médias-lanceurs d’alerte – 06/21/2018, Le Figaro

Falta apoyo a los ‘whistleblowers’ por parte de los Gobiernos y la sociedad civil – 07/06/2018, El

Whistleblowers need help. This tech entrepreneur wants to provide it – 07/12/2018, Los Angeles Times

Gilles Raymond : The Signals Network, le refuge des lanceurs d’alerte – 07/23/2018, TV5 Monde

WA New Collaboration Sets a Higher Bar for Working with Whistleblowers – 08/06/2018, GIJN

Vidéo. Données personnelles : cinq médias internationaux lancent une enquête – 06/21/2018, Sud Ouest

Une plateforme de mise en relation entre médias et lanceurs d’alertes – 06/21/2018, Strategies

Une fondation pour mettre en relation media et lanceurs d’alerte – 06/21/2018, CBNews

Warum Holger Stark für die “Zeit” Whistleblower wachpfeifen möchte – 06/21/2018, KressNews

“Zeit” und Zeit Online starten internationalen Aufruf an Whistleblower. – 06/21/2018, turi2

“Zeit” auf der Suche nach Whistleblowern – 06/21/2018, DigitalFernsehen

Telegraph joins four US and European publishers to launch collaborative investigation into misuse of big data – 06/21/2018, Press Gazette

Whistleblowers Need A Safety Net, So We Made One – 06/21/2018, Buzzfeed


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