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May 2022
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Impact of whistleblowers worldwide
Whistleblower in Kenya
Impact: Whistleblower in Kenya files lawsuit against Meta

In February, Daniel Motaung blew the whistle on the working conditions at Meta/Facebook Kenyan contractor, Sama, after allegedly being blocked from forming a union. He came forward to TIME to help, hopefully help other content moderators who face untreated trauma in their daily work. The Signals Network provided psychological and legal support for whistleblowers quoted in the story.

It was, “Emotionally and mentally devastating,” he says. “I went in ok and went out not ok. It changed the person I was.” Aided by outsourced content moderation contractor Sama, Facebook’s actions in Kenya are a window into the company’s global business practices and human rights impact.
Now Daniel is the claimant in a legal case against Sama and Meta, in what is thought to be the world’s first lawsuit demanding that Facebook reform the conditions of content moderators’ work. At a press event sponsored by the Real Facebook Oversight Board, Foxglove and The Signals Network, Daniel recounted his experience, and panelists issued a clear set of recommendations for reform, and for protecting whistleblowers who come forward.
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RightsCon 2022
Join us: Rightscon recognizes importance of whistleblowers with public and private sessions

Time to register for Rightscon, the world's leading conference on human rights in the digital age, June 6 - 10. The 11th edition of Rightscon recognizes the importance of whistleblowers in holding power to account.


The Signals Network is working with Whistleblowing International Network to host two sessions.


On Monday, June 6, at 3:45 pm, EST, The Signals Network will sponsor and participate in a session entitled, "Preparedness is Power: How to Achieve Impact When Speaking Out in Tech." 


On Tuesday, June 7, at 3:45 pm EST, we will host a private meeting for tech workers who are interested in speaking with past whistleblowers and organizations that assist whistleblowers. This invitation-only meeting will be facilitated by our Executive Director, Delphine Halgand-Mishra, and will include Theranos whistleblower, Tyler Schultz, Kickstarter union organizer, Clarissa Redwine, and a lawyer who works with whistleblowers. Please email our Tap Accountability Project Manager, Ben Grazda, to request a spot.


Additionally, Delphine will be participating in a fireside chat to discuss the international aspect of tech accountability with journalists and tech whistleblowers. This will be one of RightsCon 2022's first events and will set the tone for a conference that is putting whistleblowers front and center as a primary theme. The fireside chat will be from 11:45 to 12:30 Eastern Time on Monday, June 6.


Tickets to Rightscon - both paid and free - are now available (through Friday, June 3). There are more than 500+ sessions over the week. Register today!

Register Here

As part of its series, "World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development," UNESCO has released a new report on whistleblowing worldwide. The report, "Journalism and whistleblowing: An important tool to protect human rights, fight corruption, and strengthen democracy," highlights several key findings, including human rights violations against people who have bravely come forward with evidence of corruption or other illegal practices, the critical symbiotic relationship between journalists and whistleblowers, and the need for more protections for whistleblowers.


The Signals Network's Delphine Halgand-Mishra contributed to the report: “Nobody wants to be a “whistleblower”. According to my experience, being a “whistleblower” is not a choice. For them, it is like the end of a journey, after reporting the wrongs internally and trying to fix them, and they do not see any other option to their conscience than to go to a regulator or the press.”


What would you do if faced with a frightening truth at work? How would you prepare yourself? It can be scary jumping into the unknown territory of whistleblowing. And yet, many have done it before you, and they can help guide you. The Tech Worker Handbook was written by them, with the help of lawyers, organizers, and civil society professionals.


The Signals Network has released a video about the Tech Worker Handbook. Additionally, you can access the handbook here:


The handbook was created by Ifeoma Ozoma, with help from The Signals Network, Whistleblowing International Network, Lioness and Matt Mitchell, as well as many other experts.

View video here
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