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March 2022
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Time magazine cover and Twitter comments
From the Frontlines:

Last month, Time reporter Billy Perrigo’s cover story, “Inside Facebook’s African Sweatshop”, detailed the poor labor conditions endured by Facebook content moderators in Kenya. The Signals Network provides legal and psychological support to some of the whistleblowers who shared their stories in the public’s interest for this story, and we work closely with Foxglove and the Real Facebook Oversight Board to hold Facebook and its sub-contractor, Sama, accountable. 

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IMPACT: Time whistleblowing revelations force change

It is important that whistleblower revelations lead to real change. In the case of the Facebook/Sama whistleblowers, we have already seen impact: Just two weeks after his initial story, Billy Perrigo reported that the content moderators would be getting a raise. While welcomed, the raise, according to the whistleblower who was fired by Sama in 2019, is just a start. We will continue to follow the impact of his and his colleague’s courageous whistleblowing in coming weeks and months.

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Join our team

Come work with us! —> Are you ready to hold power to account?

We are hiring. If you are a lawyer and are interested in helping create a safe environment for whistleblowers who hold power account, please join consider joining us. Our Whistleblower Protection Program Legal Director position is open until 24 March.

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Tech Accountability Project:

Last week, we facilitated two events.

On February 28th, we moderated an event as part of the India on the Brink summit raising awareness about warning signs of genocide in India. Our panel discussed how social media is facilitating dangerous and deadly violence in the country, as well asharassment on a mass scale of women, journalists, and others. Additionally, the panel platformed one of the authors of The Wire’s TekFog investigation that used whistleblower revelations and other evidence to examine the ruling party’s (BJP) manipulation of Twitter, WhatsApp and other platforms to spread disinformation.

Panelists included:
    • Jason Stanley - Jacob Urowsky Professor of Philosophy at Yale University
    • Angana P. Chatterji - Co-chair of the Political Conflict, Gender and People’s Rights  Initiative, Center for Race and Gender, University of California, Berkeley
    • Ayush Kaul - Political risk and threat intelligence specialist with a strong focus on South Asia

On March 1st we co-moderated a “Meet the Press” panel discussion with the Tech Workers Coalition featuring journalists who cover the tech industry, including blockbuster whistleblower revelations of Frances Haugen and Sophie Zhang, as well as tech workers’ organizing. Panelists included: 
    • Matt Drange , Senior Correspondent at Business Insider 
    • Jeff Horwitz, Tech reporter at the Wall Street Journal 
    • Zoe Schiffer,  Tech reporter at The Verge
    • Julia Carrie Wong, Tech reporter for The Guardian

This was a great opportunity for tech workers to learn how to to work with journalists who cover their industry. 

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Latest news

In the news:

This week we signed a letter to the heads of Meta, Apple, Google, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Telegram to take action to stop Russia’s disinformation campaign against Ukraine. The letter was covered in The Financial Times.

We also signed a letter with 24 other organizations to the UK Parliament Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee about the forthcoming Online Safety Bill. The letter questions whether the proposed legislation does enough and warns against weakening data protection laws. The letter was covered in Politico’s London Playbook.

Check out our latest post focusing on what whistleblower protection looks like in action.
Ahead of the European Parliament’s vote on the Digital Services Act (DSA), TSN was a signatory on a joint statement to ban surveillance-based advertising: Joint statement surveillance ads inferred data

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