Our Work

With a view to holding powerful actors to account, The Signals Network empowers workers, supports whistleblowers, coordinates international media investigations and supports advocacy to hold power to account and protect whistleblowers.  It is our EPIC approach.

Our programming centers around three focus areas:

  • The Signals Network exists to help and support whistleblowers who often deal with legal, physical, psychological, and economic consequences for speaking out. TSN provides customized support services to a selected number of whistleblowers who have contributed to published reports of significant wrongdoing, through the Whistleblower Protection Program.
  • The Signals Network helps facilitate global investigations with media partners. TSN supports journalists and media organizations committed to collaborative investigations that reveal major wrongdoing and potential threats to democracy, freedom, and justice. Our work has been instrumental in the publication of major investigations through the media in the U.S. and across Europe through the Media Collaboration Program.
  • Technology has become both essential and integral to every aspect of our lives. The growing dependence of our democracies on technology, and specifically on AI and private tech companies, for innumerable aspects of our day-to-day lives requires an unprecedented level of scrutiny of these industries. The Signals Network empowers tech workers to hold corporations accountable and help ensure the future of tech is in all our interests with the Tech Accountability Project (TAP).