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Whistleblowing is hard. Acting on conscience in response to misconduct or abuse is a courageous act. Those who speak out and are compelled to come forward as whistleblowers to highlight wrongdoing or unethical practices at their job or within their community often do so for the benefit of all of us. It could be anyone.

And while a journalist’s business is to educate the public about issues that affect our lives, the ordinary citizens who speak out against injustice, the whistleblowers, are often left to navigate the challenges of working with media, potential retaliation from their employer, or find themselves embroiled in a process that often takes years without support.

But without whistleblowers, journalists lack a vital requirement to realizing one of the fundamental pillars of any democracy: holding power accountable.

To ensure that regular people who don’t have the resources, psychosocial support, or the legal knowledge required to navigate the complexities of whistleblowing, The Signals Network exists to help support these whistleblowers.

Our mission is twofold. We help coordinate international media investigations into potential wrongdoing in order to maximize the impact of the reporting. Our media partners’ work is read by millions. And we support whistleblowers who have provided crucial information necessary for this reporting.

The Signals Network has supported dozens of news sources and continues to expand its support to those willing to speak out against misconduct worldwide in 12 countries and counting. Behind big stories — including #MeToo, online political propaganda, and health hazards relating to the COVID-19 pandemic — have been many brave whistleblowers willing to come forward with what they know.

In our current era of disinformation and the asymmetrical influence of powerful tech companies on society, freedom of information, and transparency, we believe accountability and whistleblower protections have never been more important.

Our Funders

The Signals Network is an independent 501(c)3 organization, supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations.

The Signals Network would like to thank Gilles Raymond, Founding Chairman of The Signals Network, all the individuals who donate through our crowdfunding campaigns, as well as the following organizations:

The New York Times Company
MacArthur Foundation
Press Freedom Defense Fund
Shuttleworth Foundation

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