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“Whistleblowers are our emergency brakes— without them we would not know what is happening inside companies who have huge power and know everything about each one of us.” – The Signals Network Executive Director Delphine Halgand-Mishra, RightsCon, June 2022

Whistleblowing is a vital component of a healthy democracy. But it is also very hard on the individual. Acting on conscience in response to misconduct or abuse is a courageous act. Those who speak out and are compelled to come forward as whistleblowers to highlight wrongdoing or unethical practices at their job or within their community often do so for the benefit of all of us. It could be anyone.
Independent and investigative journalism is also vital to a healthy democracy. The two go hand-in-hand.

A journalist investigates and educates the public about issues that affect our lives every day. But without whistleblowers, journalists lack a vital requirement to realizing one of the fundamental pillars of any democracy: holding power accountable.

The Signals Network exists to help support these brave whistleblowers who come forward for the public good.We hold power accountable by empowering people who witness wrongdoing, protecting people who have shared public interest information with the press, assisting in media investigations of wrongdoing, and advocating for change in policies and whistleblower protections. Through these efforts we embody our EPIC approach and help shape a fairer, freer, and more democratic world.

Holding power to account as a whistleblower can be all encompassing, and that is why we have designed a process that supports workers, whistleblowers, journalists and change agents from the beginning to end.

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