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Is AI-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence the Next Pandemic? – May 6, 2024, The Regulatory Review

How to Prepare for the AI Whistleblowers – May 6, 2024, Billy Perrigo’s Newsletter

Tips for news outlets working with whistleblowers – April 19, 2024, International Journalists’ Network

The Knight Foundation and The Signals Network are changing the future of whistleblowing – March 13, 2024, HEALTH CARE un-covered

Whistleblowing While Black: How Truth-Telling Changes the Careers of Black Women in Tech – March 13, 2024, The Markup

AI and the Need for Whistleblowing in Tech – February 29, 2024, Whistleblowing International Network

Responsible Tech Organizations List 2024 – January 23, 2024, All Tech Is Human

Celebrating WIN Highlights, 2023 – January 31, 2024, Whistleblowing International Network (WIN)

As the number of whistleblowers expands, Knight lends a hand – December 7, 2022, Knight Foundation

1MDB whistleblower talks of ‘paying the price’ for doing the right thing – November 7, 2022, Compliance Week

Advocacy group calls on Dreyfus to halt whistleblower prosecutions. – November 6, 2022, The Mandarin

We co-opted democracy,’ Uber Files whistleblower tells European Parliament. – October 25, 2022, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Blood, beheadings and death: what the social media moderators see. – October 16, 2022, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Force social media firms to hand over data linked to child suicides, say charities – June 6, 2022, The Telegraph

EdTech Exposed, The Signals Network media collaboration, May 2022:

Billy Perrigo on investigating Facebook’s ‘ethical’ outsourced content moderation in Kenya -May 25, 2022, Everything in Moderation

UNESCO: Journalism and whistleblowing: an important tool to protect human rights, fight corruption, and strengthen democracy – May 2022, UNESCO

Facebook parent Meta sued in Kenya – 5/10/2022, Cnet

The Signals Network signs letter to Big Tech heads to stop Russian disinformation – 3/4/2022, The Financial Times

Inside Facebook’s African Sweatshop – 2/14/2022, TIME

Opinion | Lanceurs d’alerte : le Sénat revient-il en arrière? – 1/16/2022, Les Echos

Meet the women bringing tech’s worst secrets out of the shadows – 1/12/2022, Protocol


How to prepare for the AI whistleblowers? – April 19, 2024, IJF24, Perugia, Italy

Searching for Truth: When Media and Military Come Together – April 19, 2024, The 2024 Veterans Clinic Symposium, co-hosted by the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri.