Defending the right to know, The duty to tell.

The Signals Network and major media groups in Europe and US initiate a global investigation on the misuse of big data

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“When I came forward with the mass surveillance revelations in 2013, sources had to try and patch together this kind of reporting infrastructure journalist by journalist, in total secrecy, and with crude tools. Protecting the public shouldn’t be that hard. The Signals Network is sending a message to whistleblowers that this time, the newsroom is ready. Exposing wrongdoing has never been easier.” - Edward Snowden

Plasma Files

an international investigation by the media partners of The Signals Network

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We believe the people have the right to know.
We believe the people have the duty to tell when major wrongdoing occurs.

The Signals Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States whose aim is to advance the public interest by encouraging transparency, accountability, reporting, and whistleblowing.

Media Collaboration

The Signals Network supports media organizations that are taking the lead on reshaping the news agenda. The Signals Network supports media organizations that are committed to investigate collaboratively and to reveal major wrongdoing and potential threats to democracy, freedom and justice.

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Impact Journalism

The Signals Network is committed to maximizing the impact of journalism investigations.
In furtherance of these values, the Signals Network will both publish the fruits of those collaborations on its own platforms and build advocacy coalitions and campaigns on major wrongdoings revealed by its partner media organizations.

Whistleblowers Protection Program

The Signals Network affords customized support services to a selected number of Whistleblowers who have contributed to published reports of significant wrongdoing.

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