How We Work With Journalists

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The Signals Network is a member of the INN Network alongside 425+ independent, nonpartisan news organizations providing high quality journalism as a public service.

What do we offer journalists?

Support your sources including providing legal advice, psychological sessions and safe-housing

Provide you information and resources to help you navigate your sources legal and security challenges

Help you investigate stories

When a journalist is working with a source who may need support in order to continue revealing their story, we are there for them. The Signals Network works with newsrooms to support and protect whistleblowers who put their livelihoods in danger to share information for the public good.

We help local and international journalists support their sources in ways they can’t. We can provide whistleblowers with everything from legal and psychosocial support to safe-housing and online security help. We protect them so editors and reporters can do their job.

Some of our recent media partners include The New Yorker, The Guardian, Time magazine, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and McClatchy. We have been working a lot with tech whistleblowers and tech journalists. But we support whistleblowers across any and all issues that are of the public interest including environmental regulation, health and the #MeToo movement.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit based in the U.S.; we do all of our work at no cost to the newsroom or the whistleblower.

The best way to learn more about us is through our monthly newsletter. You can sign up for our mailing list to get news updates here. We also have resources on our site for journalists to share with their sources such as the international Tech Workers Guide to Whistleblowing series.

A member of our team can also jump on a call to talk about how we help journalists handle sensitive sources who face blockades to provide crucial information such as NDAs.

A note about media collaborations

TSN previously managed media consortia in collaborative investigations and has a substantial track record of successfully coordinating international, cross-newsroom investigations. We believe in the power of collaboration — both newsrooms collaborating with one another, and with third parties who exist to aid journalists’ investigations.

While we no longer provide this media coordination service, our experience helps us support whistleblowers working in single and multi-newsroom investigations.
We do not encourage a journalist’s source to provide information to additional newsrooms.

To learn more about the past international media collaborations that TSN coordinated, click here.