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Media Collaboration Program

Partnering with journalists on global investigations that serve the public interest

How we work with journalists

We believe that coordinated investigations allow the press to have maximum impact, reaching the broadest possible audience with their critical findings.

The Signals Network supports journalists and media organizations committed to collaborative investigations that reveal major wrongdoing and potential threats to democracy, freedom and justice. Our work has been instrumental in the publication of major investigations through media in the U.S. and across Europe (including Die Zeit in Germany, El Mundo in Spain, Miami Herald in the US, Information in Denmark, and Mediapart in France), reaching hundreds of millions of readers in six languages.

INN Network Member

The Signals Network is a member of the INN Network alongside 425+ independent, nonpartisan news organizations providing high quality journalism as a public service.

What do we offer journalists?

Facilitate interested journalists on collaborative investigations, providing project management and communications support, as agreed to by participating media partners

Support to your sources, including access to a network of lawyers to whom you can refer putative whistleblowers who are in need of legal counsel

Provide information and resources to help you navigate legal, media, and security challenges

What does this collaboration look like in practice?

We work together with journalists and media organizations on specific topics of interest to ensure they are reaching the largest possible audience with their investigative findings.

Stories run by each media partner are likely to be different with agreed-upon pieces that are then contextualized for local audiences.

Recent examples include global investigations on security failures at a French nuclear power plant, questionable plasma collection devices, and tax evasion practices in Luxembourg. These collaborations resulted in a combined audience of over 165 million readers in six languages. Our media partners shared information received through their respective sources, investigated collaboratively, and agreed on the nature and format of their individual publications.

The power of a collaborative media

Collaborative Media infographic

Step 1

Secure information from Jane or John Doe.

Step 2

Media partners of TSN (editors and journalists of leading news outlets) explore viable tips together.

Step 3

The media partners verify the tips, analyze the evidence, and formulate their narratives.

Step 4

The journalists reports a diverse array of stories based on the information.

Step 5

A series of in-depth reports are published by the respective publications of the journalists.

Step 6

The collaborative efforts translate to a reach of over a 100 million audiences worldwide.

Step 7

TSN uses the impact of the reports to rally for accountability and concrete changes.

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