Whistleblower Protection Program New Legal Director: Jennifer Gibson

We are thrilled to welcome our first legal director for our well-established Whistleblower Protection Program! Jennifer Gibson will join us starting next week to oversee and grow the customized protection and support services we provide to a select number of whistleblowers who have shared public interest information with the press.

Jennifer is a US lawyer with over fifteen years’ experience investigating, litigating, and advocating on human rights. Most recently, she worked for Reprieve, where she led the organization’s work on extrajudicial killings carried out under the guise of national security.  She worked closely with civilian victims of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere, investigating their cases to secure accountability. Her work involved litigation before both domestic and international courts, as well as public and political advocacy aimed at holding powerful governments and corporations accountable for their roles in the abuses.

“Our Whistleblower Protection Program is the center of our all-encompassing services for whistleblowers and journalists, and having a bar-certified legal director will allow us to offer more help to more whistleblowers,” said Delphine Halgand-Mishra, executive director of The Signals Network. Delphine, who created the program five years ago, added, “We are very excited to welcome Jennifer, whose legal experience, passion for justice and proven commitment to her clients will take our program to the next level of support.”

“Whistleblowers have played a crucial part in my work over the past decade,” said Jennifer Gibson. “From the information, they have disclosed to the private reconciliation meetings they have held with my clients, I have been in awe of the courage they have exhibited. It’s an honor to join The Signals Network to help ensure these brave individuals get the protection and support they deserve.”

Story By Bella Golden, June 22, 2022 – San Francisco