The Signals Network supports media organizations that are committed to investigate collaboratively and to reveal major wrongdoing and potential threats to democracy, freedom and justice.

Through its Media Collaboration Program, the Signals Network supports media organizations in their investigations. The Signals Network can:

– connect its partner media organizations with collaborative media initiatives;

– play a project management role in collaborative efforts of media organizations;

– help devise and implement confidentiality protocols using existing technological resources that enhance the privacy and security of information shared between journalists and sources;

– provide its partner media organizations access to a network of lawyers to which they can refer putative Whistleblowers who are in need of legal counsel; and

– help create new resources for journalists and whistleblowers.

As we welcome a new year of activities, The Signals Network is thrilled to announce that El Mundo  and Republik  are joining the call for information as our new media partners. This expands our combined audiences to 66 million people in 4 languages across the globe!

These latest additions will strengthen our mission to help produce in-depth collaborative investigations aided by whistleblower information that serve the public interest.

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The Big Data Call

The Signals Network press release

– El Mundo
Llamamiento a informantes: ayúdanos a investigar delitos tecnológicos y mal uso del big data

– Republik
Wir wollen von Ihnen hören

– Die Zeit
Achtung, Missbrauch!
Whistleblower Suche

– Mediapart
Mieux defendre les lanceurs d’alerte, le nouveau projet de Mediapart
Donnees personnelles, Informez nous, protegez vous

– The Daily Telegraph
New witness protection scheme’ for whistleblowers exposing technology industry wrongdoing
The Big Data Call

– The Intercept
The Intercept welcomes tech whistleblowers
The Big Data Call