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We’d like to invite you to take a moment to reflect on those individuals who’ve taken big risks to come forward and share information that’s in all our interest, even at the risk of their own personal well-being.

Some, like Francis Haugen, the latest Facebook whistleblower, have become household names in recent months. Others haven’t received the same media attention, but their contributions to exposing misconduct and human rights abuses are still crucial for ensuring the well-being of others. One such story is that of Anar.

Her harrowing story highlighted in The New Yorker and by NPR earlier this year, details her one year and eight months held in captivity by Chinese authorities in an Xinjiang internment camp for the crime of traveling abroad as an ethnic Kazakh (minority group) from Xinjiang, China. She shares in great detail the numerous human rights abuses she witnessed firsthand and speaks about her experiences of Chinese authorities’ massive surveillance of its citizens at great personal peril.

Her decision to speak out against the brutalities she witnessed in Chinese government camps meant leaving behind her family and friends without knowing when – or if – she would see them again.

The Signals Network worked with Anar by providing safe housing, helping her with the logistics of relocating to a safe country, and supporting her efforts to establish her new life.

“I feel The Signals Network really cares about those they help; it’s not superficial. It’s not just financial support but also…that Delphine really spent a lot of time and energy. I can see that she really cares about me and my situation.”

It’s success stories like hers that highlight the real people with real needs that continue long beyond when a given story fades from the headlines.

“Right now I’m in a safe country and I have my little space. I feel safer and I feel like I can restart to build my life…I’m regaining my confidence.”

With your support, we can ensure that more whistleblowers whose acts of bravery highlight misconduct and abuses that affect people receive the support they need to move on from their life-changing experiences.

In response to what she’d advise others thinking of coming forward Anar says, “They shouldn’t feel alone if they do the right thing. There’s always nice people out there helping them if they’re in a situation like mine and I really appreciate how The Signals Network has helped me.”

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