Tech Accountability Project


Helping make the tech sector accountable by supporting journalists and whistleblowers

Smart phones. Cars. Voting. Medical records. Your next purchase. The news. Refrigerators. Music. Watches. Smart speakers. Technology has become both essential and integral to every aspect of our lives. The growing dependence of our democracies on technology, and specifically on AI and private tech companies, for innumerable aspects of our day-to-day lives requires an unprecedented level of scrutiny of these industries. 

What will it take to make the tech sector accountable?

The role of journalists and whistleblowers in holding the tech sector accountable is more essential than ever.

The Signals Network’s Tech Accountability Project aims to contribute to efforts to hold the tech sector accountable in a unique partnership with Amnesty International. This effort will include developing resources and providing support for tech workers considering speaking out about misconduct or unethical behavior at their companies. In partnership with journalists and civil society organizations, we seek to hold powerful interests to account in the tech industry and empower tech workers across the sector… and the globe.

Amnesty International

The Tech Accountability Project includes:

  • Developing and circulating resources specific to tech workers in partnership with Amnesty International
  • Providing support to tech whistleblowers, including legal support
  • Supporting media investigations into the tech industry

The Tech Worker Handbook is just the beginning

In the coming months, we’ll be producing more resources in partnership with experts to support the courageous tech workers who speak out in the name of the public interest. Questions? Ideas? Interested in working together?

Concerned Tech Workers

If you have concerns about misconduct and unethical behavior at your company, please contact us via secure channels.

Journalist Partners

If you are a journalist interested in partnering with us on a current story, please contact us at

NOTE: For those inquiring about possible support for your own case, never use a work device, use only secure channels, and please do not share confidential information about your case with anyone except a hired lawyer.