Whistleblowers protect all of us. It’s past time Boeing started doing the same.

Air passengers deserve to feel safe.

Whistleblowers like Sam Salehpour is are warning us, though, that maybe we aren’t safe after all.

Salehpour, a longtime Boeing engineer, this week became the latest to raise concerns about the safety of Boeing’s planes. According to Salehpour, parts of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner planes are improperly fastened together and could weaken over time. The result? After years in operation, the aircraft could break apart in midflight.

Like Ed Pierson and at least six public whistleblowers before him, Boeing not only ignored Salepour’s concerns, but it also reportedly retaliated against him for raising them.

Salehpour’s disclosures come one month after the sudden death of John Barnett, another longtime Boeing employee who raised safety concerns. Barnett’s family says Barnett also suffered retaliation.

As is often the case, Boeing has even more whistleblowers who have not gone public. On April 19, Al Jazeera reported it obtained documents showing Boeing has been the subject of 32 internal complaints in the U.S. during the past three years. Thirteen of those complaints were filed under a statute that protects whistleblowing.

These whistleblowers should be celebrated for keeping us safe, not punished for trying to save lives.

For each whistleblower who risked everything to speak out, there are others who anonymously raised concerns. And still more who were chilled from doing so.

Please sign and share this petition so that Sam Salehpour, Ed Pierson and all the other Boeing whistleblowers know that we stand with them. And we thank them for having the courage to speak up in the protection of all of us.

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