Our Team

Delphine Halgand-Mishra

Executive Director

Delphine Halgand-Mishra is the Executive Director of The Signals Network. She is a Shuttleworth Foundation fellow and a CIGI senior fellow as an expert on press freedom…

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Benjamin Grazda

Project Manager

Ben Grazda is the new Project Manager of The Signals Network. He previously served as the Student Lead for the London School of Economics’ Maryam Forum Co-Lab on Democracy…

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Rebecca Petras

Director of Operations

Rebecca Petras is the Director of Operations of The Signals Network. She comes to the network from the humanitarian sector where she managed and directed international NGOs with innovative approaches to re-imagining aid.

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Jennifer Gibson

Legal Director

Jennifer Gibson is the Legal Director of the Whistleblower Protection Program at The Signals Network. Jennifer is a US lawyer with over 15 years’ experience investigating, litigating, and advocating on human rights.

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Isabella Golden

Communications Intern

Isabella Golden is a communications intern in The Signals Network. She is a fourth year student at the University of Virginia concentrating in Media Studies and English.

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Adela Prifti

Marketing Intern

Adela Prifti is a Marketing Intern in The Signals Network. She is making a career change to marketing and is especially interested in digital marketing.

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