Reflecting on our impact in 2023

Thoughts from TSN

Thanks to your support, in 2023 we helped dozens of whistleblowers around the world champion the truth as some of the world’s most powerful entities tried to keep it secret.

The courage and sacrifices of these whistleblowers, whether they chose to stay anonymous or go public, resulted in real, long-lasting impact and accountability in Big Tech and other sectors.

In 2023, we…

  • Received 102 requests for whistleblower support
  • Supported 45 whistleblowers globally including legal, media, security and mental health support.
    • Two-thirds of these whistleblowers came to TSN referred by journalists, lawyers, former whistleblowers and other partners.
    • Almost half (48%) of these whistleblowers were from the tech sector and the other main sectors were financial, government and healthcare.
    • Two-thirds were from the U.S. and the rest from Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Provided direct financial support to 11 whistleblowers via our TSN Whistleblower Protection Fund.
  • Provided support to 21 anonymous whistleblowers to more safely work with journalists to get their disclosures out.
  • Provided support to whistleblowers who went public including:
    • Legal counsel to Uber Files whistleblower Mark MacGann as he worked with governments and testified to French, Dutch and Belgian parliaments about findings in the Uber Files, about the consequences of Uber’s aggressive lobbying tactics and the company’s unorthodox relationships with local authorities and politicians in those countries.
    • Legal counsel to Twitter whistleblower Anika Collier Navaroli during her testimony to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability where she warned: “If we do not fix social media, January 6th will happen again.”
    • Career, psychosocial and other support to Facebook content moderator whistleblower Daniel Motaung as he advocates for content moderators’ rights and sues Facebook’s parent company Meta and Sama, accusing the companies of human trafficking and union busting. (TSN’s partner Foxglove represents Motaung in the lawsuit.)
  • Launched two new installments in our international, ongoing Tech Workers Guide to Whistleblowing series to help tech workers in the U.K. and Ireland make informed decisions on speaking out about corporate wrongdoing.
  • Educated journalists and partners about the whistleblower experience and elevated the advocacy efforts of individual whistleblowers at 20 events internationally.
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