International Investigation into the Plasma Files

San Francisco – International media partners of The Signals Network are publishing today the Plasma Files investigation related to plasma collection devices manufactured by the US company Haemonetics. Some of these machines have been shelved in France since 2018 following a decision of the French authorities. However they are still in use in the rest of the world. Our media partners raise questions about mysterious particles found in collected materials.

This investigation is the result of months of research on hundreds of documents provided by whistleblowers to the media partners of The Signals Network, including Bastamag (France), Die Zeit (Germany), El Mundo (Spain), Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy), Mediapart (France), McClatchy/Miami Herald (US), NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands) and Radio France (France).

These media partners represent a cumulative audience of 165 million readers in 6 languages.

After whistleblowers provided information to its media partners, The Signals Network coordinated the logistics of their collaboration and has provided legal support to some of the whistleblowers.

The media groups worked together to maximize the impact of their reports that are tied to the larger public interest. They shared the received information, investigated the leads as a team, coordinated with each other as they decided their respective formats and angle of the stories, and published under a common embargo.

Potential whistleblowers who believe in good faith that the practices of corporations with access to big data are harming the public interest can continue to contact the media partners directly through the appropriate channels.

In less than 2 years, The Signals Network has actively provided protection to a dozen of whistleblowers across the US and Europe, and helped to reveal, through 10 media partners, two major international investigations of high public interest. We are building, step by step, a worldwide organization that will continue its mission to build a more responsible and transparent society.” –  Gilles Raymond, the Founder and Chairman of The Signals Network.

Countries with “particles incidents”:

Credit: Die Zeit


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