International Investigation into Huawei Work Conditions

[Updated January 19, 2022] San Francisco – International media partners of The Signals Network are publishing today an investigation into the work conditions at the Chinese technology company Huawei.

Our media partners reviewed internal documents and interviewed many former employees of the company for months across Europe.

This investigation is the result of months of research by the media partners of The Signals Network, including El Mundo (Spain), The Daily Telegraph (UK), (Germany) and Republik (Switzerland).

After sources provided information to its media partners, The Signals Network coordinated the logistics of the media partners’ collaboration. Media partners worked together to maximize the impact of their reports which are of global public interest. They shared the information received, investigated the leads as a team. Partners also coordinated with each other as they decided their respective formats and story angles, and published under a common embargo. Potential whistleblowers who believe in good faith that the practices of corporations with access to big data are harming the public interest can continue to contact the media partners directly through the appropriate channels.

The following articles are the result of the Huawei Investigation:

How Huawei controls its employees in Europe

Huawei Forbids Employees to Wed Europeans

Huawei expat employees that marry westerners faced being forced to leave Europe or be sacked, investigation reveals

International investigation alleges anti-Western discrimination within Huawei

“In less than 3 years, The Signals Network has actively provided protection to two dozen whistleblowers across the US and Europe, and helped to reveal, through 12 media partners, 3 major international investigations of high public interest. We are building, step by step, a worldwide organization that will continue its mission to build a more responsible and transparent society.” – Gilles Raymond, the Founder and Chairman of The Signals Network.

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